About Us


Our mission is to create the best Italian community in the world of E-Sports.
This happens in two ways, retail and online.
We have the means to reach our goals and share the passion to realise something great in the world of videogames.
By our side we have important commercial partners who believe in this initiative and we are achieving widespread consent.


Shops are spaces of about 300 square metres, equipped with at least 20 gaming PCs, 4 driving simulators, various Playstation and Xbox gaming consoles, lounge and streaming areas, all enriched by an excellent bar service.


Every gamer and fan can sign up for the portal and use the community-dedicated app to keep in touch with each other.

Thanks to being part of our portal, you can gain points to get physical and virtual prizes, such as joining in tournaments and events with our special guests.



We organise tournaments and competitions regularly with prize money of more than 100.000 euros.



A chance to unite the community to introduce the main E-Sports streamers, youtubers and competitions.